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Garbage Truck

Window 2

In order to qualify for a matching grant and on-demand technical assistance support under window 2 the lead applicant and, or its collaborators need to propose a project which will prioritize sustainability and conservation in their overall proposed business model whilst creating jobs and improving the livelihoods of the bottom of the pyramid. The applicants need to propose to set up project(s) that will address a particular pressure-point on the environment (e.g. waste management, land conservation, Biodiversity conservation, deforestation, etc) which aims at reducing negative environmental impact and also promoting green initiatives through local partnerships, behavioral change campaigns, new distribution models, etc. Hence, the private sector companies are being challenged to set up projects that shall front-load the necessity for job creation and livelihood improvements as the green solution is articulated along the triple-A paradigm of Affordability, Accessibility, and Acceptability among the targeted households who will benefit from the project as suppliers or consumers of the product/service/technology/business model to be promoted under the project.

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