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  • What is the Green Economic Transition Facility?
    The Green Economic Transition Facility is designed to devise sustainable green business solutions that contribute towards the attainment of saving the environment and delivering positive environmental and social impact.
  • Who can apply?
    The GETF is looking to support companies with growth potential and appetite to invest in solutions which promote attaining the green economy. Underlying these solutions should be sustainable and impactful business models that provide products, processes, technologies and services that will help the country to transition into adopting green business solutions.
  • How does it work?
    Applicants are encouraged to send their applications via the Web portal provided, after which concepts notes which respond to GETF criteria will be shortlisted for due diligence. After due diligence, a panel of independent judges will do the final selection.
  • Is it for Malawians only?
    No, this is open to Malawians and Non-Malawians owned business with potential to grow the green energy and fuel sector.
  • Have you set a gender quota on the enterprises that will be supported?
    We are hoping to partner businesses of all kinds with at least 30% of the programme’s portfolio being women-owned or women-led enterprises. It is either a business is owned or has 30 percent women in its management team.
  • Are individuals eligible to apply?
    No. Only registered companies are eligible to apply.
  • Is it for selected districts?
    No. This facility is covering the whole Malawi.
  • What are Alternative energy and Fuel-Efficient Technologies?
    GETF defines Fuel Efficient solutions as improved technology products that are commercially viable and provide an alternative to unsustainably consumed biomass in form of firewood or illegal charcoal. Improved technology products include the actual energy efficient products, as well as the cooking fuel: e.g. locally produced fuel efficient Jiko charcoal stoves and cooking fuels such as LPG, briquettes, gasifiers, pellets, sustainable charcoal.
  • How can I submit my application?
    Applications should be submitted online, via the dedicated portal. Please refer to Expression of Interest Page on this website to get more details.
  • When is the deadline for submission?
    For the first Window, the deadline for submission of expression of interest is 17:00 hours (Malawi time) on 19th May, 2023. Submission of full project proposals closes on June 30,2023.
  • Is there an application fee?
    Applications are free and there is no payment attached.
  • What we mean by Social Impact?
    This is an effect which will happen as a result of the project investment in the form of job creation and or improvement in income for the poor.
  • What we mean by Environmental Impact?
    This is an effect which will happen as a result of the project investment in the form of reduction in waste or CO2 emissions
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