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Window 1 Round 2 & Window 2 Round 1


We are delighted to announce the double launch of the Green Economic Transition Facility (GETF), Window 1 Round 2, Accelerating Alternative Sources of Energy and Fuel-Efficient Solutions and Window 2 Round 1: Accelerating Green Business, financing mechanisms aimed at catalyzing green business solutions in Malawi to counter the effects of environmental degradation.


Under the upcoming double window private sector co-financing opportunities, ‘Accelerating Alternative Sources of Energy and Fuel Efficient Solutions’ and ‘Accelerating Green Business’, the GETF aims to test commercial viability of new products, services, technologies and business models in the green business sector, which if successful, will be able to deliver large environmental and social impacts.


The two windows will be launched soon with focus on co-financing investments in green business solutions with funding support from the Embassy of Republic of Ireland in Malawi through Irish Aid and the Government of Germany, through the German Development Bank KfW, respectively.


The GETF offers matching Grant ranging from minimum of US$40,000 to maximum of US$300,000 and on Demand Technical assistance of up to US$35,000 to each approved project. The private sectors companies which are registered and operating in Malawi are eligible to access this co-finance to enable them invest or diversify in green business solutions. Under window 1 round 2 the purpose is to encourage investments or diversification into alternative sources of energy and fuel-efficient solutions that are Affordable, Accessible and Acceptable by urban and peri-urban households in Malawi. This window is targeting to invest in new initiatives that shall target a positive domestic social or environmental impact to be integrated into the business model of the company. The alternative fuels to be promoted shall include product/service/technology/business model that embrace marketing solutions for Acceptability and Adoption which shall be promoted together with Distribution Solutions for Accessibility of the solution. Hence, private sector companies are expected to be supported in business model(s) which will be addressing the triple paradigm (Affordability, Accessibility and Acceptability) among the targeted urban and or peri-urban households in Malawi.


While on the other hand, window 2 round 1 is aiming at prioritizing sustainability and conservation through green business models which will be proposed and implemented by private sector in Malawi. The projects to be selected and implemented will address a particular pressure-point on the environment (e.g. waste management, land conservation, Biodiversity conservation, deforestation, and many more), hence, aims at reducing negative environmental impact and also promoting green initiatives through local partnerships, behavioral change campaigns, new distribution models and many other initiatives. Furthermore, this window will focus on creating jobs and improving the livelihoods of the bottom of the pyramid. Through this window private projects will be encouraged to set up projects which shall front-load the necessity for job creation and livelihood improvements as the green solutions will be articulated along the triple A paradigm of Affordability, Accessibility and Acceptability among the targeted households who will benefit from the project as suppliers or consumers of the product/service/technology/business model to be promoted under the project.


The GETF is a competitive and transparent business support facility partnering with private sector investors who are willing to invest and or diversify their green business solutions through business models which will contribute to both saving of the environment and economic development of the country. Private sector companies operating in the green economy are encouraged to participate in the upcoming two window funding competition.

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